Group Benefits Plans in New Berlin, Wisconsin

For business owners looking to expand or change their benefit program we offer a variety of group benefits. They include life and health insurance, dental and vision insurance, and both short and long term disability coverage. We also can work with 401K programs as well as various other retirement plans.

Group Health Insurance

With many different plans available, health insurance is very complex. You need an agent to assist you in selecting the correct deductible option, co-insurance and prescription drug plans. We also can set up group dental and vision coverage.

Group Life Insurance

Group life insurance is a great extra benefit to offer to your employees that is very inexpensive. Usually with group life insurance, the policies are guaranteed issue which means your employees don’t have to go through physicals.

Group Disability Insurance

Whether it is short term or long term will give your employees coverage in the event something would cause them to be unable to work. This is also a great benefit as an employer to offer.

There are many options and variations to all of these benefits. For more information please call or office at 262-432-0789 to speak to one of our specialists.