We help Lenders Close More Loans!

We understand mortgage brokers jobs are quite hectic!  A lot of things effect the home buying process and a lot are out of your control.

Let us help you with a piece you can control, where you send them for home insurance.  At American Advantage Petersen Group, here is what we can promise you:

  • Fast turn around time on quotes
  • Insurance binder and invoices same day you request
  • Will educate the buyer on home insurance and process
  • Bringing your name up at every renewal in hopes of repeat business for you

We are looking for the best of the best to partner with. Professionals that are at the top of there game and have the same customer centric, growth mindset as we do.

At AAP…Ease of business, constant communication, competitive prices has led us to a customer retention number of 94%. Our proactive touches are what allows us to hit that number and also help grow our referral network.

We find extraordinary insurance for our clients. And we find extraordinary partners to connect our clients to!

We put a lot of work into drumming up referrals for our biz partners. This is done by getting to know our clients through a needs analysis and frequently check in to understand what there goals are. These proactive check-in points are opportunities for us to refer them to people like you, whenever they need a professional in any industry.
If you refer someone to us, our systems and technology allow us to keep your name front and center. By mentioning your name to them, we are solidifying your connection with them for you. We want them going back to you the next time they need your product or service.

We want you to know, when you refer clients to us, you are setting them up for a good experience.

Working together with strong partners, makes our business rock solid.
We expect if you are looking for the best solution for your clients, your going to want to refer them to AAP. We will provide competitive price, claims will be paid and always be there for your clients.

We want you to feel that your clients will get the same quality of service from they are already getting from you.

We are committed to working together and having strong partnerships!

Email Marc to get started – [email protected]