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Commerical Auto Insurance in New Berlin, Wisconsin

Most businesses are not confined to the four walls that surround it.  Whenever the business operations leave your location, there is going to be some Commercial Auto exposure.  How much exposure does your business have?  Read below for some more information or talk to one of our licensed agents to assess where your business could be vulnerable to a lawsuit from an auto accident.

Q. What is commercial auto insurance?
A. Commercial auto insurance is there to protect your vehicles, business, and anyone injured as a result of an accident involving your business vehicles. The coverage is very similar to your personal auto insurance, except it is focused on business.

Q. Who needs commercial auto insurance?
A. If vehicles are being used in your business, you will need special auto insurance for commercial use. Here are some examples:

  • Delivery services – this includes restaurants and flower shops
  • Contractors – includes heavy duty trucks and service vans
  • Retails businesses
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing businesses
  • Automotive services
  • Companies that issue vehicles to employees
  • Businesses with fleets of vehicles

You also may need commercial auto insurance if you:

  • Own a truck with a snow plow
  • Haul racing cars
  • Modify your vehicle suspension for business purposes

Q. Is my business covered when my employees drive their personal car for the business?
A. You can protect your business from the liability of your employees driving their personal cars on behalf of the business by purchasing Hired/Non-Owned Auto Liability coverage.  This coverage is intended to protect the business, not the employee.  Your employee’s personal car insurance will be the primary coverage for the employee.

Q. What kind of insurance discounts can I qualify for?
A. You may be able to receive one of several discounts. For example, some companies offer discounts for experienced drivers. Package discounts are also available. If you have business insurance and business car insurance with the same company, you can save as much as 15 percent.

Q. Can I save money when I pay my policy in full, instead of making payments?
A. It’s possible to save a significant amount of money by paying in full. In fact, some companies offer discounts as generous as 15 percent.

Q. Are there multiple vehicle discounts available?
A. Yes, some insurers provide special rates for commercial vehicle fleets. Plus, if you insure you personal vehicles and business vehicles with the same company, you may qualify for a discount.

Q. What is an independent insurance agent?
A. An independent agent is an insurance broker that does business with several insurance companies. These people work for their customers and check with several insurance companies to find coverage that matches your described needs.

Q. What kind of fees does an independent agent charge?
A. Most independent insurance agents do not charge their customers fees for commercial auto insurance. They are paid by the insurance companies, and their customers receive all the benefits of their services.

Q. Where can I find commercial vehicle insurance in New Berlin?
A. When you see an independent insurance agency like American Advantage – Petersen Group you will receive these important benefits:

  • We work with you with your best interests at heart, because we are independent agents. An insurance agent representing one company has limited insurance options to offer and will try hard to sell you on one company. Your independent agent can give you many options and lets you decide which company to go with.
  • Save money on insurance – your independent agent from American Advantage – Petersen Group has multiple insurance companies to check with. You can receive insurance from top rated companies like Acuity, West Bend Mutual, Travelers, Progressive and many others.
  • Customized insurance policies – your independent insurance agent works hard to give you a policy that is customized to your business needs.
  • Discounts – your agent knows about many different discounts from all the companies he or she does business with. In this way, you may receive several discounts.


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