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Our Story

We are bringing a modern twist to the insurance experience. As a family owned, independent insurance agency, we understand how most people view insurance – and we are here to change the game. Our father, Ron, began selling insurance in 1974, building the agency from the ground up by providing excellent products and superior service to his clients. In 2016, we bought the agency from our dad and, while still honoring the foundation he built, modernized our company for the 21st century.

As with most second generation businesses, we’ve worked tirelessly to begin shaping our own legacy. Supported by technology, we focus on proactive solutions to actively communicate with our clients throughout the year, including chat and texting capabilities and account reviews done by our dedicated personal account executives via video. We’ve said goodbye to cold calling to sell insurance products and aim to create the experience our clients deserve with their insurance agency. Simply put, we provide proper protection for our clients, in the easiest and most efficient way possible. We invest in education and empowerment for every team member, to ensure they pass along the highest level of knowledge and customer service to our clients.

We are very proud of our history and look forward to our future. Join us as we revolutionize the insurance industry one client at a time.

Cheers to your future!
Eric and Marc Petersen

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