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Worker Compensation Insurance in New Berlin, Wisconsin

Workers Compensation. The mere thought of those two words put together strikes fear and hatred through the minds of business owner’s all over the country. What is perhaps the most misunderstood insurance policy is also one of the most controllable.

Our team of agents will help your business understand the work comp system and will increase your bottom line by designing a tailor-made program specific to your business’ needs that allows you to take full advantage of the work comp system. No longer will you cringe at the sound of those two words “Workers Compensation”!

By using our exclusive product, the Complete Work Comp Program, you will be able take back control of your work comp cost; there-by increasing your profit margin. The Complete Work Comp Program guides businesses through three very important phases:

Preventing Injuries

The safety of your employees is paramount, however preventing injuries begins even before an employee is hired. In the first phase of the program, businesses establish their company culture through the following:

  • Employee Relations
  • Hiring Practices
  • Zero-Tolerance for Injuries
  • Safety and Compliance Programs

Managing Injuries

If an employee does get injured, how their injury is handled will ultimately determine the extent of the claim and the impact on your bottom line. The Complete Work Comp Program shines during this phase by taking a systematic approach to ensure your employees return to work as soon as possible, while minimizing the cost of the claim.

  • Return to Work/Light Duty Program
  • Claim Coordinator Program
  • Supervisor Training
  • Medical Clinic Relationships

Financing Injuries

Careful attention must be paid to all of the numbers that make up your workers compensation cost. By having your information verified and analyzed, you can be certain that your expense is correct.

  • Verify/Analyze Experience Modification
  • Manage Premium Audit
  • Dividend/Credit Programs
  • Selection of Insurance Carrier

To learn more about American Advantage Petersen Group’s exclusive product, the Complete Work Comp Program, that has been saving companies thousands of dollars, please call our office at 262-432-0789 to speak to a Certified Worker’s Compensation Counselor (CWCC) or fill out our quote form and we will get in contact with you.


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