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When it comes to home insurance, besides looking for the proper coverage, most people are looking for ways to lower costs. Follow these 4 helpful hints from American Advantage – Petersen Group in New Berlin, Wisconsin to help lower your home insurance costs: 

1)Combine with car insurance: Insurance companies give significant savings (usually around 20%) if you package car and home insurance together.  This is a significant discount when it comes to home insurance.  Always try and bundle your insurance together with the same agent and insurance company to help save on home insurance costs! 

2) Raise your deductible:  A typical home insurance deductible is $500.  Try raising to $1,000 (~10% savings) or $2,000 (~15% savings).  Keep in mind, home insurance is more for the catastrophic loss, not a small claim.  A higher deductible will save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

3) Home security system:  Installing a home security system not only helps with peace of mind, it can also help to lower your home insurance costs.  Many insurance companies offer a discount for having a security system which can save you up to 5 to 10% on your home insurance costs.

4) Use an independent insurance agent:  Most agents only represent one insurance company, whereas, independent agents represent multiple companies (usually around 20 different insurance companies).  The independent agent does the shopping around for you and works on your behalf, not the insurance company.  Would you rather have 1 option or 20?  They offer unbiased advice on the best insurance options that fit your needs. 

Do you want an agent who will find you the proper coverage to fit your needs at a competitive price?  Contact the insurance professionals of American Advantage – Petersen Group in New Berlin, Wisconsin for all of your home insurance needs!