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When it comes to making a list of priorities, purchasing life insurance generally isn’t included.  Most of us don’t plan on needing life insurance anytime soon, so purchasing it isn’t a priority.  There are many advantages to purchasing coverage now.  Here are common reasons why life insurance isn’t purchased sooner, and why you should re-think them:

  • I don’t need it right now
    Certain policies purchased at a young age can help to fund retirement.  On the other hand, if you are already retired, a policy can help leave your legacy.
  • It is too expensive
    Most of the time, the cost of life insurance is overestimated.  Purchasing coverage at a young age can help to lock in a lower cost.
  • I will find it cheaper
    As you age, the likelihood that you will develop an illness increases and that will affect your insurablilty. Life insurance rates are generally lower the better your health is.
  • I don’t want to think about death
    Think about life insurance in a different light, think about those you care about.  A death benefit can help to protect their financial future and stability.
  • It is overwhelming
    An insurance agent will help understand your needs and provide options. They will save you time by guiding you through the process.

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