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Many people do not understand the value of renters insurance, until they need it and do not have it! Here are four scenarios where you would be thankful you decided to purchase renters insurance:

Personal Property

Did you know your personal property is not automatically covered if a fire occurs in your apartment complex? The landlord’s insurance policy will cover the damage to the building itself, but not personal belongings. Renters insurance will cover items such as clothing, furniture, and electronics in the event of a loss.


If you or your pet cause someone to be hurt on your premises, you may be liable for their injury. Renters insurance includes liability which will help to protect you by paying in the event you are sued.

Car theft

Auto insurance generally will not cover the loss if someone breaks into your vehicle and steals valuables, but renters insurance will. Renters insurance insures personal belongings in a vehicle the same way it does in an apartment.

Damage to other’s property

Imagine, water is left on in your apartment and leaks into the apartment below and causes damage to their furniture. If you are found to be liable for the damage, renters insurance may help pay for it.

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